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Joshua Jackson Discusses the Future of Peter and the Two Olivias on ‘Fringe’

In Fringe season 3, Joshua Jackson just might be the envy of his cast mates since he is the only who isn’t playing two characters.

If you remember, in the Season 2 finale, Peter and Olivia (Anna Torv) finally kissed and she told him that no matter which reality he is from, they belong together. But fans (and Jackson himself) question whether Peter and Olivia are meant to be together or if Peter and Olivia’s alternate universe counterpart are the ones who have the connection.

“What I’m curious about is how invested he’s going to get in Alt-Livia,” Jackson says. “The reason that I think that Olivia and Peter, for the two years that they were together, never quite could figure out how to bridge the gap and find that spark, is because they’re not from the same side.”

I fthey are both fro the alternate universe, it might make more sense for Peter and Alternate Olivia to get together. “The reason why Peter and other-Olivia hit it off so quickly is because all the subterranean stuff that was there between Peter and regular Olivia just feels more natural,” Jackson tells us. “It’s some sort of animal instinct that these two, being from the same side, share. I’d love to see a version where the other Olivia and Peter get really, actually involved in each other as opposed to just the cloak and dagger spy stuff that they’ve got going on now, so that when she’s gone, now he’s a bit conflicted.”

Eventually Peter is going to realize it is alternate Olivia in his world and when that happens, he’ll have some tough decisions to make. “He’s now torn again, between the two worlds, not knowing where his loyalties lie.”

Check out the full interview from below:


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