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Fringe Season Two Episode Four: Momentum Deferred

fringe24 fans were probably happy to see Curtis again on last night’s Fringe, even if he is playing a weirdo who steals frozen heads from cryonics labs. The fringe team is called when his shape-shifter accomplice is killed in a robbery and bleeds mercury. They also realize that this is a different shape-shifter than one who tried to kill Olivia, meaning there could still be someone after her and he could be anywhere. (This is before they realize fake Charlie is out there sucking down some mercury himself).

They track down one of Walter’s old subjects who he once given the ability to see  trans-dimensional invaders. The good news is , she’s willing to do it again. In the meantime, Olivia drinks a flatworm shake to restore her memory (Walter suggested this) and when he rings the bell to start the experiment, she freaks out because she has a full memory of meeting with William Bell (aka Spock!).

Bell told her the shape-shifters are looking for someone with a particular symbol on his neck and she must find him first to prevent a “storm”. Olivia rushes over to talk to  Nina Sharp, but is interupted by a text from fake Charlie who says Nina is  no good. Olivia finally realizes which lab the right head (with the symbol) is in and tells fake Charlie but then realizes he is fake! She  kills him, but not in time, he has already passed on the word about where the head is.

Walter and his test subject seem to have a thing for each other and it is unclear if his experiment worked. What is clear is that Olivia is screwed because the weirdo bad guy, aka Curtis from 24, has the head and is putting it back on a body as the show closes.

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