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Fringe Season Two Episode 3: Fracture

fringeIn the beginning of the episode a police officer gets an ominous call in which the caller says “it’s time”. He is then instructed to go to a metro station and get a briefcase from a man wearing a black trench coat. The officer goes to the station and grabs the suitcase but as soon as he does, his body explodes!

In the meantime, Olivia meets with Sam Weiss as she had planned to do last week in an attempt to move on from her accident. He begins to ask her if she is having trouble sleeping or if she has had any headaches yet.

Peter is also looking to move on, to a new apartment. He begins to check out apartment listings with Walter, who isn’t too keen on the idea. Astrid comes into the lab while they are apartment hunting and tells them about the man who exploded. After realizing there was no bomb residue found, the Fringe team heads to Philadelphia.

Right away they discover that no antiterrorism bomb sensors picked up a bomb. Walter then finds crystal shrapnel in one of the victims’ bodies and a crystallized ear while Peter discovers the officer’s badge (Officer Gillespie) in a bench and becomes curious because no police officers were found among the victims. They quickly conclude that Gillespie was a human bomb.

Back at the lab, Walter and Astrid piece together Gillespie’s body. They find needle marks in between his toes and figure out that the serum caused the water in his cells to solidify and give off massive amounts of energy.

Olivia and Peter stay in Philly to interview Gillespie’s wife. Olivia suddenly feels like she is going to be sick and asks to use the bathroom where she finds viles of the serum and needles Gillespie had used. She also happens to have a few flashbacks of the other world.

Next, we see one of Gillespie’s fellow cops, Diane Burgess, who gets up in the middle of the night and injects herself with a serum like Gillespie’s. The next day she is approached by a Colonel Raymond Gordon who tells her “Tin Man Perimeters” are in effect and she must fly to Washington D.C.

Olivia begins to have headaches and returns to Sam Weiss. Apparently, she is suffering from acute nominal aphasia which basically means part of her brain is sleeping and when it wakes up, she’ll have her memory back.

Walter figures out that Gillespie had been shooting up that serum since he was in Iraq. Astrid, who is helping Walter, finds out that his unit was exposed to a deadly chemical, cyanogen chloride. She also learns that he was part of a classified experimental project called Operation Tin Man which has since been shut down. When Peter finds out he uses his contacts in Iraq to get to the doctors involved in the project for more information.

Peter finds the doctor who developed the serum Gillespie was taking to neutralize the cyanogen chloride exposure. Only, it turned people into bombs.

Meanwhile, Walter finds out the radio waves activated Gillespie and Broyles finds out that a bomb is supposed to go off in DC today. They can’t find Diane, leaving them to believe she is the bomb and that she doesn’t even know it.

Broyles locates Diane in a cab heading to the metro station. The team arrives at the station to try to jam the signal and Walter determines that they must wait until she is inside in order to triangulate Gordon’s location. When Diane gets the phone call, Gordon orders her to take a briefcase from a man in a trench coat. They are unsuccessful in jamming the signal so Peter finds Gordon and knocks him down while Olivia smashes the transmitter device saving Diane and everyone else in the terminal.

Olivia returns to Sam but he only measures her hand. She gets so upset he isn’t helping her, she walks over to him (sans cane, finally) and puts a gun to his head.

At the same time, Broyles is interrogating Gordon who warns him that the enemy is amongst them and the end is coming soon. He claims that the enemy is here collecting data and making observations. Gordon doesn’t know who they are and warns that by the time we find out, it will be too late.

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