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Fringe Season Two Episode 18: White Tulip

In last week’s episode of Fringe, a man inexplicably materialized in the middle of a train car and killed everyone on board.

At the scene, the team notices that all the electronic devices on board the train have been drained of power. Broyles and Peter pull up surveillance footage from the train station to get a look at the suspect.

Walter heads back to the lab where he examines one of the victims’ bodies and discovers that were also drained of all their energy. Looking at the surveillance footage, Olivia tracks the suspect to a coffee shop and finds out that his name is Alistair Peck.

The team goes to  Peck’s apartment where they learn that the man is a brilliant professor of Astrophysics at MIT. Peck shows up at the apartment, and he asks them not to confiscate his research. Walter notices that Peck has a shield of copper wiring around his body. Without warning, Peck vanishes and jumps back in time to the train. But, this time, he leaves a fingerprint and Broyles is able to make a successful ID.

The team raids Peck’s apartment again, but all of his research is gone. Peter does find a photo album of Peck with his fiance and a few homemade machine prototypes.

Olivia and Peter meet with Peck’s former MIT colleague who gives them a copy of Peck’s most current research — a study of time travel. Walter examines the work and figures out that Peck’s time jumps are sucking all of energy from the areas where  he lands. The longer the jump, the more energy it requires. Olivia realizes that his fiance recently died and realizes that he is probably jumping back in time to try to save her. Walter explains that if their theory is correct, a jump back to the time of the car crash could create a devastating number of casualties.

The team finds Peck and  Walter tells him that he cannot jump back to the day his fiance died. But Peck says he can do it in a way in which no one will die. Walter argues that it’s not merely the casualties he’s worried about, and he proceeds to tell Peck  how he stole Peter. Walter then confides that, ever since the day he crossed to the other side, he has been looking for a sign of forgiveness from God in the form of a white tulip.

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