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Fringe Season Three Episode Two: The Box

As the Fringe opens, Newton fills in Bolivia on Olivia and her team and removes her sun tattoo to help her blend in. She asks about the job she needs done, and he says he sent a team to the site.

Nearby, a family is tied up in a home while a man is watching TV. In the basement, the guy’s brother and a friend dig up a metal box. When they open it, they both go catatonic. The guy upstairs, finds them, closes the box and runs back upstairs. The family is now bleeding too and the TV has gone to static.

At the lab, Astrid reads William Bell’s obituary to Walter while Broyles and Peter look over the blueprints of the machine from the other side. Peter says that Walternate still needs a couple of parts, one of which happens to be Peter. Broyles asks Walter why the machine needs Peter to work and Walter just says that its dangerous.

The team visits the house of the dead family and Broyles says that he’s getting fingerprints off the two dead diggers. Broyles figures out a third thief took whatever they dug up.

Bolivia tells Newton that two of his men died, as he had planned, but the third one took off with the device. Newton says that he only hired two men, and no one can withstand that thing. They agree they need to find him.

Nina joins Peter and Walter for the reading of Bell’s will at Massive Dynamic. Nina gets a small bell in a glass case, and both she and Walter get envelopes. Broyles calls Peter to see if he is at one of the thief’s apartments, Peter doesn’t know what he is talking about. Looks like Bolivia didn’t pass on the message.

Astrid asks Walter how the reading went. He takes a safety deposit box key out of his envelope with a letter that reads, “DON’T BE AFRAID TO CROSS THE LINE.” Walter explains that Bell used to say that only those who risk going too far can know how far they can go.

Suddenly, Walter thinks he knows what happened in the house. He explains that if taken to an ultrasonic extreme, dissonant music could be fatal. You wouldn’t hear any sound because the frequency would be too high. Peter wonders why the third man wasn’t affected. Meanwhile, the third man goes to Bolivia’s. She pulls her gun and orders him inside. Then she realizes that he’s deaf. That’s why he didn’t die.

Bolivia gives the box to Newton, who takes it to the subway and pays a guy to watch it.

Bolivia shoots Blake’s brother. Later, Peter drops by and she drags the body into the bathroom. He says he just can’t forgive Walter. Bolivia sees blood seeping out from under the bathroom door and starts kissing Peter until both their phones ring.

On the subway platform, Broyles tells the team that security cameras showed a small man walking into the tunnel with a metallic box and realize that the box was what the men were looking for. Bolivia makes Peter temporarily deaf by firing her gun next to each of his ears so he can get the box. Peter tell them that there is a piece of the weapon inside the box. He decides to disarm the device. He stops the signal, but the train is there and Bolivia pulls him to safety.

Peter realizes that Walternate’s agents might be looking for the missing pieces over here but Broyles wonders why there’d be pieces here.

As the show comes to a close, Walter shows Astrid what Bell left him: Massive Dynamic!

Finally, Bolivia types a message to Walternate: “Peter has first piece. He is actively engaged.” Walternate responds, “Well done. Move on to phase two.”

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