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Fringe Season Three Episode Three: The Plateau

As the show opens,  a man in Hoboken, NJ  seems to be crating a series of mishaps on the sidewalk. As a result, a bus driver, hits a blonde woman crossing the street but the man  just walks away.

Back at the Fringe headquarters, Olivia’s back and Broyles tells Walternate that she seems like Olivia Dunham. Walternate confirms that, when tested, she responds like their Agent Dunham, explaining  that Olivia can move between worlds without harm.

Charlie briefs the Fringe team in the van, telling them that for  two days in a row, a Liberty Metro bus has run a red light and killed someone. It’s an interesting statistical anomaly. At the accident site, Agent Lee picks up a blue ballpoint pen near a mailbox. Charlie and Olivia are amazed – no one uses pens these days.

They find a pen near a mailbox which they are surprised about because no one uses pens anymore. It is near a mailbox where a bike messenger swerved to avoid a guy bending over, which led to the fatal crash. They realize they pen could have  started a chain reaction.

Agent Lee sees a pen, just like the one from the second accident, in a photo of the first accident. At a third accident scene, Olivia sees another blue pen and she spots a man, the one from Jersey, on the pedestrian bridge above. As an ambulance comes down the street,  a guy wearing headphones runs in front of it and is killed.  Olivia confronts the man on the bridge, but he escapes.

The man, Milo, goes home where his sister Madeline begs him to “follow the rules.”

Olivia finds that both the second victim, Jillian Foster, and the first, Cole Arnett, were connected to brain research at Bryant Hospital and while they are there, Charlie realizes they are all writing with ballpoint pens.

Bryant’s chief medical officer, Dr. Levin, explains that many patients find pen and paper easier to use than digital interfaces. When he learns who the victims were – including the third, Jeffrey Mayer, he tells Olivia and Charlie about a drug study they did to  increasing intelligence. Five months ago, Milo had an IQ of 56 but became a math genius after only one treatment.

The subjects were suppose to return to their natural statin but Milo didn’t want to.  So he killed Cole, his caseworker, and then Jillian, who planned to regress Milo. Mayer was a recovery specialist who brought back patients that were missing. His next targets are Olivia and Charlie.

Madeline tells Olivia that she doesn’t know where Milo is but after some bonding, she finally  confesses that her brother is at the Patricia Hotel.

Charlie thinks it’s a trap, and he’s right. Outside the hotel, Olivia chases Milo, running past a sign of a construction worker with an inhaler. Suddenly, a load of cement blocks falls toward her but  Olivia swerves, surprising Milo, who’s using an inhaler. She grabs him, but she can’t breathe.

Charlie shoots Milo in the leg, handing Olivia his own inhaler. Later, he asks why she ignored the blinking sign which means compromised air quality but she cant’ explain it.

Later, when Olivia is alone, Peter appears and  tells her she didn’t die  because Milo couldn’t have known she didn’t know the protocol. Olivia saw Walter, and thinks she’s seeing Peter because she’s not from this world. Olivia tries to shrug off the Peter hallucination, but he says she can’t forget who she is.

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