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Fringe Season Three Episode 4: Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

As last night’s episode of Fringe opened, Senator James Van Horn’s car was hit by a truck. Broyles meets meets hima nd his wife at the hospital. While doctors worked on the Senator,  Newton charges in and starts shooting. Newton wheels the senator out, then as Broyles comes after him, Newton shoots the senator in the eye and flees. The senator bleeds mercury, turns out he’s a shapeshifter!

At Massive Dynamic, Peter tells Nina about his doubts that Walter can handle being the owner but she thinks Walter is brilliant.

Walter examines the shapeshifter and says that it is half mechanic.  Peter notices the single shot through the eye. Walter thinks it might be the location of a power source and tries to fix it.

Bolivia calls Newton, who explains that Van Horn was a senior operative and knew about her so he had to kill him. He goes on to explain that her mission involves gaining Peter’s complete trust and that he may know that she is not really Olivia.

In the hospital, Walter pokes around in the shapeshifter’s eye socket and its hand twitches. Astrid brings a box of stuff to Walter so he can use visual stimuli to help find the shapeshifter’s data storage unit.

While he works on that,  Bolivia and Peter search Van Horn’s office. Newton calls Bolivia, who tells him that the shapeshifter is alive and at the same time, Petere realizes Van Horn knew everything about all of them.

In Yonkers, New York, a man named Ray, who is also a shapeshifter, gets a visit form Newton who tells him to  retrieve the other shapeshifter’s memory chip.

Walter wants to use Patricia, the senator’s wife to help them revive the shapeshifter but Bolivia objects, and he insists they ask anyway. Patricia agrees to help and as she talks to the Van Horn shapeshifter, Walter detects increased neural activity at the base of its spine. But they stop after the shapeshifter starts reciting numbers and words that Patrica says is their anniversary.

Bolivia suggests everyone take a break to get them out of the lab but Walter realizes that the shapeshifters brain may be in his ass and heads back to the lab, just as Ray is arriving.

Ray walks into Walter’s lab, pulls a gun on him, and takes the chip from Van Horn’s spine. Walter stabs him and they struggle. Peter realizes Ray was a shapeshifter and tries to identify him from a video of him leaving the elevator.

Ray gives Newton the chip and Newton shoots him and puts him in the trunk of his car as Peter and Bolivia pull up, firing their guns.

After they chase him in his car, Newton crashes. Bolivia takes the chip from him but tells Peter she didn’t find it.

Bolivia visits Newton in his cell and gives him a microchip, he eats it and dies.

Bolivia texts Peter, asking him to come over and talk but when he gets there, all she does is make out with him. Will Peter realize she’s not who she appears to be?

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