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Fringe Season 3 Episode 7: The Abducted

As “The Abducted” opens, An old man shaves his head, washes his face, and picks up a metal mask to wear before kidnapping an eight-year-old boy named Max from his bedroom in New Yonkers.

Olivia asks her cab driver friend, Henry, to help her get into the Department of Defense facility on Liberty Island. He agrees to borrow his cousin’s boat and give her a ride to the island.

Because the Peter Bishop Act of 1991 dictates that every child abducted is to be considered a possible Fringe event, the team investigates Max’s kidnapping. Lincoln analyzes some residue on the boy’s closet: It’s sugar, which the Candyman secretes through his skin: he’s back.

Walternate talks to Colonel Broyles, who says that it’s been four years since the Candyman took his son, Christopher. Broyles did get him back, but he wasn’t a little boy anymore. Broyles wants Olivia back for the case too and Walternate says she’ll be back soon.

Apparently, every two years, the Candyman kidnaps a child between ages seven and nine for 48 hours. But all of them have acute organ deterioration, depleted immune systems, or even had cancer when they get back. Olivia notices incisions on the backs of the kids’ necks too.

The Candyman always has a mask on but some victims remember him as old, some remember him as young.

Olivia realizes that the victims’ conditions are also symptoms of old age. Aging involves the pituitary gland, which can be accessed through the back of the neck, where all of the kids have scars. She begins to realize the Candyman is stealing their youth. They speculate that using some kind of processed pituitary hormones would cause serious side effects, like possibly secreting sugar in his sweat?

Chris tells Olivia he remembers the men’s voices and part of the prayer he would recite. Meanwhile, Walternate tells Broyles to pull this Olivia out of the field tomorrow as she is no longer needed.

Henry calls Olivia and tells her to be at the Red Hook Marina in Brooklyn at 10 tonight.

Charlie traces the prayer to the Astoria Church in Queens, run by Reverend Marcus, who gives them the roster from his men’s group as a list of possible suspects.

When Olivia interviews a young man, Wyatt Toomey, he accidentally gives himself away. She calls for back up, shoots him, finding Max in the process.

Wyatt was making an age-regression serum from the kids’ hormones, but how did he figure it out? Olivia realizes someone showed him how, and it must have been Marcus. At Broyles’ house, Marcus shows up for Christopher. Broyles bursts in and shoots the pastor.

After Olivia slips and says FBI during the bust, Broyles realizes that she knows who she is.

Henry takes Olivia to Liberty Island, and she gets to her own side, but she’s being pulled back. Desperate, Olivia begs a cleaning women in a store to do something for her, even though it sounds insane. Then she’s yanked to the Other Side where Walternate orders his soldiers to sedate her.

Meanwhile, Peter and Bolivia are in bed, watching “Casablanca.” Peter gets a call from the cleaning woman who says she just saw a woman disappear in front of her. “Her name was Olivia. She has a message for you: She’s trapped in the other universe.”

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