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Fringe Season 3 Episode 1: Olivia

In the season 3 opener of Fringe, Olivia looks shocked during a therapy session at the division’s facility on Liberty Island. She explains to Dr. Anderson that she comes from another universe and that this is not her home.

Dr. Anderson thinks Olivia is Bolivia- since they are on the other side. She thinks Olivia’s mind created this fantasy to process the trauma she’s suffered. While under anesthesia, she mumbles Peter’s name, when they ask about it, she explains that her and her team came over the bring him back, but they left her behind.

Meanwhile, Walternate watches video of this session and tells a doctor to continue the sessions, even if it kills her. A soldier escorts Olivia to her “treatment,” which involves injecting the “B-lymphocytes” of Bolivia into Olivia. She fakes a bad reaction, escapes and jumps into New York harbor.

A cab driver, Henry, gives Olivia some new clothes and she realizes she has Bolivia’s tattoo. He drives her to the Brooklyn opera house where her team crossed over and she plans to use the weak spot to get home but when she heads inside, a cop stops her.

She asks Henry to take her to 655 18th St., the address of Massive Dynamic but he’s never heard of it because it doesn’t exist.

When they stop for gas, Lincoln, Bolivia’s team leader is waiting for her, but Olivia disarms him. She shoots the valve off a nearby propane tank, and is able to get away.

Olivia remembers the address of what she thinks is a safe house, come to find out its Boliva’s mother, Marilyn’s house. Olivia insists that she’s not her daughter, then panics because she thought that this would bring her home. Charlie shows up at the house and she leaves with him.

In Walternate’s office, the doctor explains that the adrenaline generated during Olivia’s escape triggered those B-lymphocytes and transferred Bolivia’s memories. Later, Broyles asks Walternate why they had to convince Olivia she’s Bolivia, but Walternate won’t tell him why.

Back in Olivia’s world, Peter gives his statement about what happened Over There. Peter smiles at Bolivia and kisses her. “I’m sure tomorrow something else insane will happen,” he says. “We should rest up while we still can.”

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