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Fringe Season 2 Episode 9: Snakehead

fringeLast week’s episode began with a Chinese man crying out in pain as a tentacle begins to emerge from one of his nostrils followed by several more and then another man pulls the creature out of his mouth as he dies.

Meanwhile the fringe team arrives at the shore where a Chinese merchant ship has run ashore, several people were washed ashore with the same large worm-like creatures in their mouths. Walter takes one of the creatures back to the lab, while the rest of the team rushes a woman who is still breathing to the hospital. The woman, Mei Lin, tells Olivia that the others took a seasickness medication but she didn’t take it. She told them her daughter and husband were scheduled to arrive on another boat in two days.

At the lab, Walter believes that humans were used as incubators for the worms. Olivia finds out that they have someone in custody after finding a manifest in a sunken ship.

Peter recognizes the tattoos on the man’s  body and realizes that he was a member of a gang known for transporting drugs. The man kills himself with a razor blade before they can talk to him. After an investigation,  they discover a woman, Elizabeth Jarvis, who transferred $500,000 to one of  the shell companies for this organization, Beijing Executive Construction.

After speaking to the woman, Peter realizes something is up because the woman has hand sanitizer everywhere. He goes back later and talks to her son Matt alone,who admits he suffers from a rare immune deficiency disorder and the  powder from a gland in the worm is the only thing keeping him alive. His next treatment is scheduled in 2 days, the  same day as the next boat’s arrival from China.

This makes sense because back at the lab Walter is inadvertently bitten by one of the worms and he discovers that his white blood cell count is  high and he has new antibodies meaning the worm is medicine.

The boat carrying Mae Lin’s family finally arrives but the FBI istoo late and everyone if off the boat. Peter tracks them down in Chinatown. He goes in first alone and they try to feed him one of the worms but he is able to fight them off until the rest of the team gets there, saving the immigrants and shutting down their organization.

Peter found the location after picking up Walter who was lost in Chinatown and couldn’t remember Peter’s number. When he realizes he can’t be on his own, Walter implants a tracking device into his neck so Peter can always find him.

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