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Fringe Season 2 Episode 8: August

fringeFinally, in “August”, we learn a little more about The Observer. Though we still don’t much. We know there a lot of them, that they observe people throughout history that they aren’t suppose to get involved.

As the episode opens, one of these Observers is kidnapping a young woman, Christine. The Fringe unit begins investigating and realizes that this Observer was able to stop a bullet with his bare hand. They also talk to someone at Massive Dynamics who explains they’ve been around for thousands of years, observing major historical events. Then, they find a notebook left behind by the Observer that confuses everyone but Walter who sees the secret message meant for him.

Apparently,  The Observer kidnapped the girl to save her. The plane she was suppose to be on crashed. He gags her in a motel in order to meet with three other Observers. They discuss the irregularity of the woman and agree to hire a friend to correct it.

The Observer meets with Walter to discuss the situation. Walter asks him not to take his son but the Observer expalins that is looking to Walter to come up with a resolution but he can not, he tells The Observer, “I just missed my son.”

August (the Observer) then decides to anonymously call the FBI for help and tries to sacrifice his own life to save Christine when an assassin comes to the hotel room where he left her. As August is riding home, we learn that he saw her when she was a girl and was in love with her. His plan did work though and for now, she is safe.

At the end of the episode, two Observers are watching Olivia and her niece on a roller coaster and they comment on how happy she looks but that things would become more difficult for her (or her niece) in the future.

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