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Fringe Season 2 Episode 7: Of Human Action

fringeThis episode opens with the police surrounding a car on the top of a parking garage. Suddenly, Officer Williams begins to walk backwards, right off the edge of the building! Then one officer turns her gun on two fellow officers and shoots two of them before killing herself.

The Fringe team arrives at the garage and Broyles reports that the kidnappers (in the car) didn’t have a gun. They also figure Tyler Carson who was in the car with them, as he was reported missing 36 hours ago, and his father works at Massive Dynamic. Walter believes the officers were victims of hypnosis.

The team meets with Tyler’s father, Dr. Carson, and Nina at Massive Dynamics, Nina thinks the kidnappers are trying to extort secrets from Massive Dynamic.

In the meantime, Tyler and the two men arrive at a convenience store. One of the men tries to rob the store and when the store clerk pulls a gun on him, he suddenly puts the gun down and electrocutes himself.

Back at the lab, Walter examines one of the officer’s brain and determines she was a victim of mind control, not just hypnosis. He believes the mind control happens through the cochlea, because hearing is the most affective path of the senses.

Tyler calls Massive Dynamic begging his father to listen to his kidnappers’ demands. The kidnappers tell Dr. Carson to meet them with two million dollars but Olivia thinks it is just a trap and they are after secrets, not money.

Walter creates headphones equipped with white noise so the task force can capture the kidnappers and save Tyler without having their minds controlled. The team chases the kidnappers at the hand-off and one of them tells Olivia that he is actually the one who has been kidnapped, by Taylor!

Olivia realizes Tyler has taken Peter hostage and talks to Nina who reveals Dr. Carson was working with the pharmaceutical division to develop a hands free navigation system where electrodes were placed in the pilot’s helmet to pick up thought patterns and the pilots were to be given drugs to amplify brain waves. Dr. Carson had taken some home to test. Tyler was  taking medications for ADD. Walter explained that combined with his hormones, the ADD meds and the experimental drugs would cause Tyler’s mind control capabilities to be even greater.

Tyler pops a pill as Peter drives. Peter tries to reason with him, explaining that they know he is the real kidnapper. Tyler tells Peter he is doing this because he found out that his father had been lying to him his entire life about his mother. He was told his mom died in a car crash but he found out she is actually alive. He had planned to use the ransom money to fly him and his mom to Costa Rica.

At the lab, Walter develops a device that will interfere with brain waves and stop Tyler’s mind control abilities. It will wipe his mind of all thoughts and cause him to become disoriented.

Peter and Tyler arrive at Tyler’s mother’s house. She is shocked to see them. Tyler tells her that it is okay that she left and knows that it was his dad’s fault, but now they can be together. She tells him she can’t run away with him.  Her husband comes in and Tyler immediately blames him for her not wanting to go with him. He begins to take control of Peter forcing him to pick up a gun and point it at his mom’s husband. Broyles busts into the house and shoots Tyler with his taser. Tyler is still in control though and Peter turns the gun towards Broyles and fires! Broyles collapses as he is hit in the arm. Peter and Tyler run out the front door.

Olivia and Walter follow Tyler and Peter and Walter uses a device to cancel out Tyler’s mind control ability. Peter sees Tyler is in a trance and veers the car into a lamppost.

Tyler is given a sedative to stay unconscious until the drugs can wear off.

Nina sends a message to William Bell updating him on the experiment. She informs him that one of ‘the Tylers” displayed a dramatic ability for mind control, but there were unintended consequences when Tyler located one of his surrogate members so she is ending the experiment.

We see Dr. Carson flipping through a file with boys who all look exactly like Tyler but with different scientists as guardians then h rolls Tyler into a room with 12 other identically looking Tyler’s lying sound asleep.

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