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Fringe Season 2 Episode 6: Earthling

fringeRandy Dancik is preparing dinner for his wife when the lights and TV start to flicker in his house. He walks around to see what’s going on when a shadowy figure comes up behind him. When his wife gets home he is just sitting there, staring, she touches him and he disintegrates.

When the Fringe team arrives, Walter collects some of the ashes to bring back to the lab while Broyles inquires about whether or not Dancik had been to the hospital recently, its obviously not the first time he has encountered the phenomenon.

Broyles brings Olivia and Peter to his storage unit where he reveals he worked on a similar case four years ago. In those cases, the victims had all visited the same hospital. Around the same time, he was contacted by an Eastern European man who knew details only the killer would know. The man offered to turn himself in if they could decipher his formula. Peter brings it to Walter well Olivia finds out Dancik had just been to the Latchmere General Hospital to see his mother.

Walter realizes the formula contains a large amount of radioactivity. Meanwhile, at the same hospital, another victim turns to ash.

Olivia and Broyles follow a lead about an Eastern European gentleman who worked at the hospital during the same time frame, Tomas Koslov. They go to his apartment, he is gone but they do discover Russian electronic components and a fingerprint.

Senator Van Horn asks Broyles to stop the case as the Russian government also has an open case against Koslov for taking Russian property. Come to find out, his real name is Timur Vasiliev and the property he took was his brother, a Russian Cosmonaut who was quarantined after returning home from a space.

Walter realizes that the cosmonaut is after radiation. All of the first victims were undergoing radiation treatment and Dancik had recently been on a plane and would have received radiation from the sun.

Walter thinks the cosmonaut brought back an organism that can project itself without ever leaving its host, and thinks he can solve the formula.

Meanwhile, Timur has his brother hooked up to some kind of machine that keeps the shadow from leaving his body.

Broyles tells Olivia that four years ago the Fringe division began to fall out of favor and he began to lose his ambition and instead just wanted to make the world safer. In the process, he became obsessed with this case and it cost him his family.

Timur calls Broyles for the answer to the formula. Walter reveals that the shadow and the cosmonaut have become one- which means the only way to kill the organism is to kill the host. Broyles asks Timur to come in and to let them help but he doesn’t respond. Astrid is able to track the call though and find their location.

Broyles rushes into Timur’s hotel room and finds half his body disintegrated into ash. They then find the cosmonaut in a van in the parking lot. Walter tries to figure out the machine to keep the shadow from taking another victim. In a nearby room, Broyles hears a girl scream and gets there just in time to shoot the cosmonaut in the head and save her.

Broyles tells his wife he solved the case. As he is leaving her house, a man approaches him and tells him that when the CIA says to cease and desist, they mean it. He warns Broyles not to file a report. Broyles asks him what they did with the cosmonaut and he only glances up to the sky and says they had no choice once he started breathing.

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