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Fringe Season 2 Episode 15: Jacksonville

As ‘Jacksonville’ opens, the Fringe team heads to NYC after a building seems to merge with another after an earthquake. They find no survivors in the building except for a man who has four legs, four arms and a head growing out of his chest. (Where do they come up with this stuff?).

Olivia and Walter try to question him but he dies. Walter begins to think that the two buildings (one from this world and one from the alternate world) have merged. Olivia thinks Newton has to do with it too.

Walter thinks that a similar building went to the other universe too so things will be balanced. In order to save everyone inside, they need to figure out what building is going to move to the other side. Walter tells Olivia only she will be able to see which building it will be.

The team heads to Jacksonville because Walter believes in order for Olivia to see the glimmer that she needs to see to know which building will move, she has to be tested where the original Cortexiphan trials were done. After going under, Olivia is reminded of what happened to her as a child. She remembers how awful it was but still can’t see the glimmer when she wakes up. Walter explains that Olivia needs to be afraid to be able to see the glimmer but she turns her fear into anger.

Left with unsuccessful results in Jacksonville, they all fly back to New York to see if they can figure out what building will disappear based on mass and weight.

They quickly realize that they won’t be able to figure out which building it is in time. Olivia is upset and as Peter tries to comfort her, they almost kiss. Olivia realizes she is suddenly afraid and runs to see the skyline and does see the glimmer. The team rushes to find the building and they evacuate it right before it is pulled over to the other side.

Later, Olivia and Peter are on their way out the door for drinks. Olivia realizes that Peter is glimmering too, meaning he is from the other side. When Peter runs upstairs to get his coat, Walter asks Olivia to keep the secret.

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