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Fringe Season 2 Episode 12: Johari Window

In last night’s episode of Fringe, a young boy with a monstrous face accidentally leads to the death of three police officers. The fringe team is called to a remote town in New York State to investigate where Walter, who is still traumatized by his recent abduction, decides the boy is a metamorph which causes his physical appearance to switch from normal to grotesque. They quickly realize the boy isn’t the only one who is effected by this metamorph phenomenon.

These mutants aren’t just ugly, they can be very violent too. They try and kill Peter, Olivia and Walter by running them off the road and shooting at them. Later Peter has a shoot out with one in the woods but when he finds the body, its a man with no deformities.

The FBI brings the body back to the lab and they find out the mutants have something to do with Project Elephant which was carried out in this town years ago. Walter initially does not recall working on the project, but after Astrid mentions the law library that Walter went to, they are able to return and find information on Project Elephant. The pictures they find show deformed people who were involved in the project.

It appears that a pulse was developed by the military and helps camouflage the townspeople. But, the camouflage causes genetic deformities. Walter and Astrid investigate the source of this pulse and it leads them to a house with a large antennae which belongs to the daughter of the lead scientist on the project, Edward Cobb.

The local sheriff tells everyone in town not to worry because he will take care of everything. He attempts to get rid of Olivia and Peter again but is unsuccessful. When Broyles shows up, Walter begs him to just leave the people there alone and he agrees. They all leave and the people of this small town are left to live their lives in peace.

Next week, an infectious foe that has waited 75,000 years to kill everything on Earth is on its way and it’s infected Peter!

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