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Fringe Season 2 Episode 11: Unearthed

On Monday night, Fox sneaked in an unaired episode of Fringe about a teenage girl who is taken off life support after being declared brain dead. The girl didn’t stay dead for long though. While surgeons were harvesting her organs she wakes up, screaming out a an alphanumeric code, in Russian.

Come to find out, Lisa has developed some kind of psychic bond with Rusk (a dead soldier) to the extent that she sees him behind her when she looks into mirrors. But, this ability does help her show the police where Rusk’s body is, in the trunk of a car at a dump site.

The worst part, for Lisa, is that she is in very bad health. With Walter’s help, the team realizes that the soldier had suffered from radiation sickness and Lisa has contracted his illness, which is why she is so sick. Walter concludes that the radiation allowed the officer to transport his soul into Lisa’s body at the moment of her death, in effect “jump-starting” her system and bringing her back to life.

Walter, of course, knows how to cure this, get rid of Rusk, and get Lisa back to high school but before he is able to perform the procedure, Lisa/Rusk goes after Rusk’s wife who had hired someone to kill him. Olivia gets to Lisa just in time and they bring her back to the lab, get rid of the radiation, while Rusk downloads his consciousness into a car accident victim.

What was more bizarre than the plot of this episode was the fact that was actually left over from last season. So Charlie is still alive, the alternate world is hardly known and Astrid is barely visible. What’s even stranger is that Fox does in deed consider this the 11th episode of the second season. Maybe they’ve entered an alternate universe where they think no one will realize this ep doesn’t fit with the rest?

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