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Fringe Season 1 Episode 19: The Road Not Taken

fringeLast night’s episode of Fringe, The Road Not Taken, opens with Broyles catching his department (and the viewer) up on what he has dubbed “the pattern”. He also explains the possible connection between William Bell and ZFT.

Then we  see a woman struggling to breath on a bus. She rushes off of the bus and suddenly bursts into flames. Olivia and the Bishops are called to check it out and Walter says that it is a case of spontaneous combustion. Olivia sees two bodies but then sees only one. She realizes something is happening to her but she isn’t sure what exactly.

Before heading off to the crime scene, Walter insists that William Bell is innocent and realizes the chapter on ethics is missing form the ZFT Manifesto. He tells Peter that if they find that chapter they can prove Bell is not involved.

In the meantime, Nina Sharp goes to visit Broyles and wants to know what he is digging for. He tells her they have evidence against William Bell.

Olivia goes to Broyles too and explains to him what happened to that woman. She again sees two victims, Broyles questions her, then after a flash, she is talking to him again and this time there is only one victim.

Back at the lab, Walter finds out the victim is Susan Pratt. Olivia and Charlie go to her apartment and find a check from an Isaac Winters and they notice her bathroom completely charred. Since there was more than one fire, Walter explains it was pyrokinesis, not just spontaneous combustion.

In Winter’s office Olivia and Charlie hear a message from Susan Pratt on his machine, Mr. Winters is asking her what is happening to her. Olivia walks outside and sees the city on fire but again everything goes back to normal in a flash.

Olivia goes back to the lab and tells Walter about her visions. He thinks it is deja vu or an alternate reality but he doesn’t know why this is happening to her. She wants to know more about the drug trials she participated in as a child but he tells her he doesn’t know anything.

Olivia and Peter go to see Michael Carlin (played by Clint Howard) , who runs a website featuring pictures of victims of spontaneous combustion. He says that William Bell is killing people and trying to create soldiers. He also claims to be the son of Spock. (A nice bit of foreshadowing and a subtle plug considering J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek opens in theaters this week and it has been leaked Leonard Nimoy is William Bell.)

Olivia is in another reality again and Charlie tells her that half of Boston is in a quarantine lock down. Back in reality, Olivia learns about Susan Pratt’s sister, Nancy Lewis, who gets a visit from Isaac Winters.

Olivia and Peter go to Nancy’s apartment and find a piece of melted glass. Peter puts it under a device that he believes can play back the sounds on the glass. It works and they can hear someone kidnapping Nancy Lewis. They can also hear the person making a call. Olivia figures out what number he dialed and calls it herself, Agent Harris answers the phone.

Olivia and Charlie follow Agent Harris to a warehouse. Olivia ends up shooting Mr. Winters. Olivia finds Nancy Lewis strapped to a table but Agent Harris locks her in the room before she can get Nancy out. Agent Harris calls someone and tells them that Nancy is active and highly unstable. Olivia tells Nancy to focus the heat away from them and she sets Agent Harris on fire.

Olivia asks him what he and William Bell did to children like her. Walter says they were trying to prepare them because something terrible is coming and says doesn’t remember anything else.

Nina goes to Agent Broyles’ house. She shows him pictures of a bald headed man, and she tells him he knows what happened the last time this man appeared.

As the show ends, Walter finds the original manuscript which talks about preparing the children so they can one day protect us. The bald man walks into the lab and tells Walter they have to go, Walter gets his coat and follows him. Then we see a masked gunmen shoot Nina.

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