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Fringe Season 1 Episode 18: Midnight

fringe1Last night’s episode of Fringe opened with a man getting ready to go out while watching a news story about a mutilated body that had been found locally. As he leaves the house he takes a knife with him. He goes to a nightclub and meets a girl who he brings home, they make out but instead of him killing her, she snaps his neck.

Olivia gets called to the crime scene and sees the man’s body has been mutilated and his spine is exposed. Walter notices the man has strange bite marks on his neck. They bring the body back to the lab where Walter realizes the body has been drained of spinal fluid and the victim had an extinct strain of syphilis. Olivia figures out that it was ordered by a company that also ordered several chemical ingredients that are often used in biological weapons.

The F.B.I. checked out the address of the company, which turned out to be a private residence. When they get there, a man named Dr. Boone is sawing the spine of a what appears to be a dog. They ask him about ZFT and he agrees to help them only if they can help him find his wife. He explains ZFT is holding her as leverage so he will finish his work.

They follow a lead to a restaurant where Dr. Boone’s wife may be. When they get there it turns out he has tricked them so they will recover vials of XT43, which needs to make an antidote to a virus ZFT gave his wife. It turns out his wife Valerie is the one responsible for the murders.

We see Valerie has another victim, who points out that she is burning up just before she kills him. Then, Olivia confronts Dr. Boone about why he is in a wheelchair and he explains he is letting his wife feed on his spinal fluid. Dr. Boone urges them to help him create a cure. Olivia agrees to take him to Walter’s lab. Once there, Walter decides he needs to make a super penicillin to combat the syphilis.

Olivia and Peter discover both victims have a stamp on their hands from the same nightclub. They trackdown Valerie there, shoot her with a tranquilizer and head back to Walter’s.

In the meantime, Walter’s lab rat dies. Dr. Boone convinces him to take more spinal fluid from him for the cure. Walter reluctantly agrees. We find out Dr. Boone lied to Walter about how much spinal fluid he had already given Valerie and now he has lost too much and is dying.

Olivia and Peter bring Valerie back to the lab where Walter administers the antidote and is able to cure her but Dr. Boone dies. Walter and Olivia watch a video that Dr. Boone made before dying in which he reveals the man funding ZFT is William Bell.

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