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Fringe Season 1 Episode 17: Bad Dreams

fringecarAs last night’s episode of Fringe opens, we see a woman pushing her young daughter in a stroller through the subway station. The woman is waiting on a subway platform when Olivia pushes her in front of the train. Olivia wakes up and realizes it was a bad dream but then hears on the news the same woman killed herself in a subway station during the night. She asks permission to go to NYC and investigate. Of course, Peter goes with her to check it out.

They speak to the police in New York, who tell them the woman’s name was Risa. They watch the surveillance tape and talk to Risa’s husband who says she had no reason to commit suicide.

Once they return to Boston, we see Olivia in a nice restaurant, a couple at the table next to her is bickering. The wife stands up, holding a knife, Olivia gets up from the table takes the woman’s arm and stabs the man in the stomach. She wakes up, realizing what has happened and calls Charlie to report a murder.

Olivia and Peter go to the hospital, they speak to the wife from the restaurant who says she has no idea what happened, she tells them she felt like he was going to leave her and the anger took over. Then, the pair go to the restaurant, to question the owner. Olivia sees a broken coffee cup, just like one she saw in her dream and asks who was sitting at the table. He tells her it was a man with blond hair and a scar on his face. Olivia realizes she knows who the man is.

Back at the lab, they re-watch the surveillance tapes from the subway suicide and see the same man just before the woman jumps off the platform. Walter thinks Olivia is seeing what this man sees in her dreams.

Back at the FBI office, Olivia learns the man is Nick Lane. Olivia asks for a couple of days off to get to the bottom of what’s happening.

Peter and Olivia go to St. Jude’s to speak to Dr Miller. She tells them Nick was a patient there and that he was hyper-emotive. If he is upset or sad, he can drag the whole room down with him. She also said that Nick thought he was recruited as a child for a top secret experiment that would prepare him to be a soldier in a coming war. They call Astrid who reads a section fo the ZFT Manifesto that discusses the war, just as Nick predicted. They also find out Nick was born in 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida, the same place Olivia is from.

At Walter’s hotel, he explains that William Bell, his old lab partner and the founder of Massive Dynamic, created Cortexiphan, which would enhance a person’s perception, and could, in some instances, give one the ability to change reality with their thoughts or feelings. Olivia begins to put it all together and believes that Nick “infected” the people around him with his own emotions, causing them to harm themselves or others. Walter says that when William Bell administered these drugs to children, he often paired up test subjects in a type of buddy system so they didn’t get scared. In some cases, a very strong bond developed between paired children. Olivia admits she may have been treated with Cortexiphan and it is possible she had been paired with Nick.

Walter puts Olivia into a hypnotic sleep state to enhance her psychic connection with Nick Lane. Olivia can see and feel him picks up a stripper. After they have sex, Nick feels guilty and wishes he were dead. He spreads the feelings to the dancer, who then cuts her own throat. Nick returns home, allowing Olivia to know where he lives.

The next morning the FBI raids Nick’s apartment, but he’s not there. They do find an entire wall of newspaper articles about strange scientific events. Meanwhile, Nick walks down a city street, clearly upset. As he passes people, he seemingly infects them with his depressed thoughts and they begin to follow him. Charlie lets Olivia know that Nick was spotted downtown with a flock of people following him.

They arrive at the scene to discover a crowd of people standing along the edge of the roof. Nick recognizes Olivia, but calls her “Olive.” He wants to talk about their time together but Olivia doesn’t remember. Nick hands Olivia the gun and says he wants to die. She knows if she doesn’t kill him, he will jump, bringing all of the others with him. She shoots Nick and the others crawl to safety. Then, Broyles shows Olivia an isolation chamber, where Nick Lane is being kept in a drug-induced coma.

As the show ends, Walter is watching an old video. In the video a little girl is sitting alone in a corner, scared. A voice not heard before asks what triggered the girl. Then Walter’s voice answers, “Obviously she was upset, William.” Walter then addresses the girl as “Olive.”

It was fitting that they aired a NYC centric episode last night since yesterday was the show’s last day of filming in New York before moving to Vancouver for season two. And here’s a quick spoiler: We will see William soon and he will be played by none other than Leonard Nimoy!

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