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Fringe Season 1 Episode 16: Unleashed

fringe-cast-pictureLast night’s episode of Fringe was jammed packed as usual. Here’s a quick synopsis of what happened.

Early in the episode, a group of  animal activists are chased by a security guard after  letting all of the animals out of their cages at a pharmaceutical testing facility. The guard notices a door open and looks particularly concerned. Apparently his concern was warranted because moments later whatever was behind the door kills the guard and eventually kills all of the activists after chasing their car and trapping them.

Oliva, The Bishops and Charlie are all called to investigate. Charlie finds a  body inside a van and another in the woods. As he continues looking around, we can see a tail come down form one of the trees and he is attacked by the creature.  Charlie survives and is able to describe what attacked him to Walter. Walter begins to think that the creature is made up of a combination of species.

Olivia goes to the pharmaceutical lab and questions Dr. Swift who runs the lab and when she asks to look around, he tells her she needs a warrant.

Back at Walter’s, he confesses that the creature may have been an experiment he worked on but his animal didn’t survive. He suspects someone completed the work he started. They start to see movement in one of the body’s they’ve brought back and when they investigate what might be causing it, they see hundreds of larvae and realize that the creature must plant eggs in his victims.

Olivia goes to get Charlie to take him back to Walter’s, realizing the eggs must be planted in him also. Walter tries to poison the larvae, they decide they need to transfuse the creatures blood into Charlie’s to confuse the larvae.

Olivia goes back to Dr. Swift and accuses him of lying to her, he confesses that the creature did come from his lab and did kill 7 people, including his son.

They find out that the creature is travelling in the sewers and go after it. While in the sewer, Walter locks the gate between himself and Peter and Olivia. He tells them  he plans to take the poison himself so the creature will attack him and as a result will be poisoned. Of course Peter freaks out but Walter insists since he believes he had a hand in creating the thing in the first place.

When Walter approaches the creature in the sewer it does attack him but he pulls out a gun and shoots it. They get him back to the lab where he is given an antidote. Walter than gives Charlie a blood transfusion with the creatures blood and his plan works, the larvae die.

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