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Fringe Season 1 Episode 15: Inner Child

fringeFringe finally returned last night on Fox. It was an awesome episode and they tied everything together really well (f0r once). The show opened with a contractor who feels the need  to check a building one more time before demolishing it. Good thing he did because they found a secret room underneath and a boy living in the small, dark, damp space. They don’t know how long the boy has lived underground with no food, water, light, or human contact. He can’t speak but he does seem to understand what others are saying. Of course, Olivia and The Bishops are called to check it out and Olivia instantly bonds with the boy.

At the same time, the Artist, a serial killer, has sent a fax to the FBI letting them know he has another victim. They have no leads until the boy writes a name in a notepad for Olivia that turns out to be the name of the victim. Walter explains that the boy isn’t exactly a psychic but he is able to hone in on specific details especially when it involves someone he cares about. He likes Olivia and knows the information is important to her so he is sharing it with her.

The boy then writes an address down for Olivia. When she goes there, she can’t find anything but come to find out this was where the Artist’s next victim was abducted. To speed things up a bit Walter puts together something that will allow them to hear the boy’s thoughts but they didn’t make any sense. The boy can still write but stops providing his insights because he senses that Olivia told a government agency they could take him after the investigation was over (which she did, not knowing what agency he was really with).

They find out that the last victim had cow’s blood and plastic under her fingernails. Peter realizes the plastic probably came from a meat-packing plant and Olivia is able to track down the plant where the plastic came from and even gets a sketch of the guy.

Olivia turns to the boy for help and he gives in, giving her a cross-street where they quickly set up a road block. Olivia catches the guy (after a fight, naturally) and then decides she needs to help the boy. She arranges for him to live with his doctor where he will be safe.

While riding to the doctor’s home he sees the Observer and freaks out. Maybe he is an Observer too? I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of either of them.

The only bad news (for me) was that American Idol ran long, confusing Tivo, and causing me to miss the last ten minutes of the show. Did anyone else have this problem? Its so annoying! Thank goodness for Hulu!

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